Watch out for the ice!

Over the last three weeks there has been an influx of patients complaining of back pain, sciatica and various other aches and pains after slipping and falling on the snow and ice.   Whilst most of the time these falls are not serious and we can laugh at ourselves (yes I also managed to fall down 3 times on various days on the way into clinic) there can potentially serious consequences.

A patient’s husband (who is only in his 40s) went in for surgery today after slipping on black ice and fracturing his clavicle (collarbone) and dislocating his shoulder.  He will be probably be off work for at least 6 weeks.

Thankfully these serious injuries are not very common but what can you do to minimise the chances of injuring yourself?

Choose the appropriate footwear  as simple as it sounds your shoes are the only connection you have with the ground (similar to the tyres in your car) and if you don’t have the necessary grip on the soles of your shoes (for car fanatics read ‘tread’ !) there isn’t much else to stop you from falling over ..

Allow plenty of time – in the conditions that we are suffering from at the moment allow plenty of time and try and walk ‘consciously’ and purposefully.  Be aware of where you are putting your feet down and actually feel the surface you are walking on (rather than walking subconsciously as we normally do!)

The BCA has also put together some advice to help keep you safe.


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